Having spent several years working in hospitality, tending bar and running front of house, people watching became a bit of a hobby. Whilst mixing cocktails, I became a keen observer of how different people behaved and what it was in their facial expressions that made them unique.

When my son, Stefan, was born in 2010, I bought my first DSLR to take some decent pictures of him to send to my mum and make a nice photo record of him growing up. It was only when I started taking photos of Stefan that I started looking at photography in a completely different way. Rather than simply recording his progress, each picture became about capturing the big and small moments in his life, catching his emerging character and personality and ultimately telling the story of this little person.

What started out as a hobby quickly became a passion, which, in turn, has now become my profession. I love taking photos and I love telling stories through them.

While I shoot everything from still life to portraits, events and commercial work, weddings are my favourite thing to photograph. I truly enjoy documenting the day from start to finish, catching the small moments that might otherwise get missed in all the whirl and excitement then piecing together the whole story afterwards. I’ve shot all sort of weddings and events, so whatever you have in mind, I’d love to help document it in style.