Wedding Albums, Options and Prices

Thank you for your interest in my bespoke wedding albums. I believe it is a great investment, the best way of viewing your photos from your wedding day and of course a special keepsake.
The albums which I offer are hand-crafted by QT Albums – a world leader in fine art wedding albums.
The books contain 20 spreads (40 pages) and work best with 100 of your favourite images. You can decide on the finishes for the album and I will create the layout. Once the template is ready, you can review the design before it goes to print.
Each spread is printed on a best traditional lab photo paper (Fuji DPII) which is known for it’s beautiful surface, great color depth, durability and scratch resistance. The pages lay completly flat with almost unvisible gutter line for the seamless design.
The books have thin yet lovely stif pages.
Please have a look at the available size and cover options below and let me know what you think.

Sizes and Prices










The price includes shipping and choice of any cover

Duplicates are available too at 30% discount.

Cover Options

Natural / LUX Linens

Natural linen bookbinding cloth is the basic and most popular cover option.
Natural line is made with natural duo tone threads and has a semi rough feel.
LUX Line is a single thread and single colour with a smooth feel.

Genuine Leather

Smooth and gentle leathers directly from Italy.

Record Linen

Linen with special coating which gives it a slightly textured and cool feel.


Embossing is the process of stamping a brass type into the fabric at great pressure and temperature leaving the letters permanently impressed into the surface of the cover.
Embossing looks great on leather!